Bows and Shoebox and Restaurant, Oh My: Vlog #2

I don’t think anyone is as impressed as I am with the fact that I managed to make a second vlog, and on schedule even.  I am willing to bet, in fact, that nobody is impressed at all. 😉


If you can’t view the video, here’s a recap:

  • I am not DEFINITELY going to Disney. I’m still just trying, but at least now if I only make part of the cost I can cover the rest and pay it back later.
  • I bought some Disney bows from @RealLifeDisney on Twitter.  I tell you twice which princesses they represent, as if you can’t likely guess yourself, because I’m just that intent on making it clear.
  • My idea this week for an interesting video is showing you a shoebox full of travel-sized items. What was I on?
  • Should I take my daughter to Crystal Palace while we’re there, or no? We’re splurging already on MNSSHP (if we go, that’s a definite) so I’m on the fence.  Tell me your thoughts!

I’m going to excuse my appearance by telling you that it was relentlessly humid today and my hair suffered from it. Poor hair.  Yep.

17 weeks!  I have to think of 16 more things to talk about?!  I’m doomed. 😉


2 thoughts on “Bows and Shoebox and Restaurant, Oh My: Vlog #2

  1. Okay first of all, you’re adorable. Second, as far as travel items go, I’d add deodorant (I mean, I guess it’s not something that would come in handy in the case of emergencies or whatever, but it can be good to have it) and maybe something like wet wipes or some other wipe thing that you could use for sticky or dirty hands. I know some people think a little sewing kit is really important but I’ve never found myself needing one. And as for Crystal Palace, I don’t know! I think it sort of depends on how many special things you want to pack into one day. Does having two things in one day make either of them less special? And would Crystal Palace be just as good next time you go? Those are the questions I’d ask myself.

    • Oh, you know, deodorant is a no-brainer. I guess think of that as too obvious or something. 😉 Wet Wipes is on the list now! I even had a pack earlier and then was like “Wait do I really need these? Naaah.” They’d have come in handy on our family trip last weekend, though, so I’ll add ’em in! I’m with you, I don’t need a sewing kit and if something rips I’ll repair it when I get home.

      Thanks for the feedback on the Crystal Palace! I decided to go for it, because I don’t think it does lessen the specialness of either one. We start the day with something special, and then end it with something special – it makes the whole day magic. 🙂 Plus the benefit of having a buffet for breakfast, it means you can do a lot less for lunch. 😉

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