Saturday Blog Showcase: Jambo Everyone/Bwana Blog

Like animals?  Like Disney?  Like Disney’s Animal Kingdom?  Then you’ve probably already heard of Jambo Everyone and Safari Mike’s Bwana Blog, and don’t need me to introduce you to it. But just in case not, or if you just want to hear someone saying some nice stuff about the site, read on!

So Jambo Everyone, in general, is a site dedicated to information and news and such about DAK, run with enthusiasm and expertise by Dave McBride. Not technically a blog I suppose, since it’s an informational website, but its content is largely the same kind of thing you’d find on a blog anyway – photos, dining reviews and information, and so on and so on. They also have a strong theme of animal conservation (much like DAK), with information on endangered animals and ways to contribute to funds to help them!

Safari Mike’s Bwana Blog, the official blog of Jambo Everyone, is run by Mike McBride, a pretty well-known name in Disney Animal Kingdom circles (heard quite a lot last month at Animal Kingdom’s birthday celebration, on podcasts everywhere!), and the blog is continually updated with information, rumours, speculation, and general thoughts on DAK. It’s excellent. It’s not limited to just news, but the speculative posts are always grounded in information and intimate knowledge of the park. Another great thing is the detailed look at small portions of DAK, like posters or other theming.

I really can’t recommend one without the other, so visit both and explore and catch up on anything you might have missed!  The series about turning Animal Kingdom into a night destination (since it normally closes quite early and is considered by many to be a “half-day park”) is particularly good.


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