Saturday Blog Showcase: Disney Preparedness

I skipped last week’s Saturday Blog Showcase ;_;  I feel TERRIBLE!  I didn’t realize it until Sunday, then I thought I could do a Sunday Blog Showcase, then that didn’t happen.  Well last weekend was just hectic.

But I won’t miss another!

This week’s blog being showcased is Disney Preparedness, a great, GREAT advice blog.  Frequently updated with articles that offer reviews, personal experiences, and planning tips, you can find a LOT of information at this blog. Their tag is “We don’t tell you where – we tell you WHY”, so you’re not just getting straight information, you’re getting personal tips with good reasons behind them!

One of the most recent posts is a round-up post on the topic of Prepping Your Body for Disney World.  It’s physical fitness with a Disney goal, and there are posts on losing weight, hiking at Wilderness Lodge, and just generally being in shape to go to WDW.  Let me tell you, as someone who has gone at various different stages of fitness, I had a MUCH better time when I was more physically fit, just in terms of the fewer aches and pains at the end of the day!

Then there’s another section with saving and budgeting tips (always a good thing), another with posts about Disney Dreams, the aforementioned restaurant reviews… it’s all good stuff.  Really, check it out, bookmark it, and pass the word around to friends!


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