Saturday Blog Showcase: The Disney Beat

I try to keep a schedule on this blog, but the past month or so that’s gone out the window. Boo.  More realistic at following her schedule is Maisha at The Disney Beat, which is a smaller new blog you might not have heard of, but it’s a lot of fun!  The schedule follows a Wordy Wednesday post, based around certain themed Disney quotes, and a Friday 5-Day post that lists a top 5 of a particular topic, plus Road to RunDisney posts on Mondays.  Maisha also posts Disney news when it comes up.


One of the things I like most about The Disney Beat is how UP-beat it is.  For instance, she put together a fantastic and inspiring Wordy Wednesday post about the Boston Marathon tragedy, keeping the theme of Wordy Wednesday – a quote from Walt Disney – and respect for the awful events of the Marathon, AND a message of hope and goodwill.  The previous week was all about encouragement, and man, I needed it that day.  The timing was impeccable. 🙂


The subtitle of the blog name “The Disney Beat” is “in rhythm with all things Disney”, but you know, I think that thinking of it as being “upbeat” is in rhythm with Disney too… after all, Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth, and a blog that uses Disney examples to make people happy both in and out of Disney just feels right.  It makes me smile and it’s a great way to spend my days, getting a dose of Disney and a good hit of optimism at the same time. Thanks, Maisha, for your great blog!


Follow The Disney Beat blog, and also follow her on Twitter as @thedisneybeat as well as her community page on Facebook.  Enjoy!


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