Saturday Blog Showcase: Main Street Gazette

The Main Street Gazette, run by Ryan Wilson, is not exactly overlooked and it’s certainly not new. I first heard of MSG from Lou Mongello’s podcast, WDWRadio, where Ryan has been a guest and contributor on more than one occasion.

But there’s no rule that the blogs I showcase have to be little-known, or new, or overlooked! Far from it! I want to showcase great Disney blogs, and this is a great Disney blog. Updated pretty much daily, with fun and insightful looks at a variety of topics, MSG draws in content from all over Disney World and packages it up nice and pretty. With a great site design, too. I am actually always reminded of – and I believe this is precisely what Im’ meant to be reminded of – a tablecloth by that background, as if I’m sitting down at my little table in my kitchen nook and reading the morning paper over my coffee.

An example of the care given to each topic can be seen with a recent post, a review of the Fruit Tart at Starring Rolls in Hollywood Studios. Not a review of Starring Rolls – a review of one single, solitary item you can purchase there. I love how doing this ensures that this blog can go on for a long, long time and stil have plenty of content to add. New things come up at Disney World all the time, so there will always be things to cover.

Also, that review makes me want to eat the fruit tart. Like really.

It’s nice to have some morning reading, be it daily or weekly (MSG always makes me want to read it on Sundays to catch up), and to know that there will always be something worth checking out. Ryan is even-toned and professional in his writing and I like it. The weekly blogosphere round ups are a particularly nice touch; I tried to do something like that, but I have no filters *lol* so I just reported everything and then died. XD

Check out the Main Street Gazette for good readin’, good times, and good Saturday fun!


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