Saturday Blog Showcase: Psychosocial Disney Culture

For my third week of blog showcases, I’m going with something a bit different: not just Disney-themed, not just thoughtfully Disney-themed, but intellectually Disney-themed. Psychosocial Disney Culture is what it says it is: Celeste, the author, looks at Disney through lenses of psychology and sociology, and both its impact on and reflection of American culture, pop culture, and modern day life in general. As an example, the current most recent entry (as I write this) is about Disney Junior’s latest offering, Sofia the First, and it discusses the series not from a standpoint of child-friendly content but from the perspective of blended families, as Sofia is a princess by her mother’s marriage to a new husband in another country. She also looks at the racial aspect, which I was unaware of, and makes great points all around.

I’ll admit that I come from a psychology/sociology background myself and that’s a huge part of the appeal; I also like reading posts from fans of Disney who nevertheless don’t automatically take a “Disney apologist” role, since there is so much more to the company than “This is really good ’cause it’s Disney, and they’re always quality!” Plus of course, I think I am just generally in agreement with a lot of Celeste’s conclusions, and you know, that helps for the purpose of enjoyment, when you’re sitting there going “Yes, yes, TOTALLY!”

If there is one possible downside to this blog, it’s just that it’s not frequently updated, and I can’t complain about that. This is the kind of blog that gets updated when you have an idea for an essay, not when you have a second to dash out a quick idea (ahem; let’s not comment on the blog you are reading right now no matter how apt the opportunity). SO, can’t blame her, but I’d always love to read more; which is a good sign, right? 😀 Check out Psychosocial Disney Culture when you have the chance, it will make you think, and I personally think that’s always a good thing.

…I am NEVER going to get to showcase all the blogs I enjoy on here when I’m doing this once a week. Ahem. Bloggers, don’t take it personally if I don’t get to you for… months. ^^;


2 thoughts on “Saturday Blog Showcase: Psychosocial Disney Culture

  1. Have I mentioned how much I love that you’re doing this showcase? Instead of just a link, like many people include, you give a thoughtful description and good insight, from your own perspective. I look forward to seeing who you highlight each week!

    • Yeah, I’m too much of a talker to just do a link 😀 When I started out doing a roundup, I was having a hard time b/c there were SO MANY updates and I found it hard to list all, didn’t want to leave some off, and couldn’t say a lot about everything. So I thought this would be better, b/c this way I can give special attention, one at a time. ^_^

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