Saturday Blog Showcase: This Happy Place Blog

First of all, I think you’ll agree that This Happy Place Blog has a great logo (link will open in new window).  Ha!  Got you to go to the blog, didn’t I? 😀

But, yes, I meant that. I love that cute little logo with the balloons – it is what it says, a happy logo, for a happy place, and instantly you get that “this happy place” is Disney (World, -land, any).

Run by Estelle, THPB is always enjoyable.  Her posts are thoughtful and smart, well-positioned and insightful.  And concise, which is an area where I tend to be lacking!  Really – one of her recent posts was for International Women’s Day and she listed a few inspirational role models from Disney films.  And she manages, with wit and intelligence, to quickly sum up her point for each.  Bonus points, she includes Mrs. Banks from “Mary Poppins”!  I’m no longer alone in my love of Mrs. Banks!  (Please tell me someone else thinks that woman is awesome, all proto-feminist in spite of letting her husband run the house.  She’s a dear and it’s a detail they added to the movie that I just love.)

Another point I’ll add, just in passing, is that – much like with Plus the Magic last week – I find I can relate to a lot of what Estelle writes.  So I suppose I am, in a sense, recommending my own viewpoints. But still, she’s got the whole “concise” thing going which is a step above me.

Oh!  And lest I forget – throw in Muppet Mondays to seal the deal! C’mon y’all.  Muppets. 🙂

Check out and enjoy This Happy Place and tell them Rebecca… okay that won’t mean anything, but just check out and enjoy!


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