I created a monster…

Best monster ever, though. πŸ˜€

2 1/2 and modeling the ears I brought her when I DIDN'T TAKE HER TO WDW (evil Mommy!)

2 1/2 and modeling the ears I brought her when I DIDN’T TAKE HER TO WDW (evil Mommy!)

When my daughter was born, I decided we’d go to Disney World for her fifth birthday. This gave me plenty of time to save up, and I’d be sure she would remember it and have a great time, and life is great, lalala. πŸ˜‰ The side effect, though, was that for the next five years I told her about Disney World constantly. When she was very little we’d hide Mickeys and find them together; a bit older and we’d watch travel videos and YouTube clips. As she grew and I got more and more excited by our upcoming trip and all the attractions, meals, and everything elses I had planned, we’d take walks and I’d tell her all about restaurants and character spots. We developed games, like The Alphabet Game where we each take turns naming Disney characters whose names start with each letter of the alphabet, or Name That Tune where we’d hum part of a Disney song and the other person would have to sing the lyrics.At an early age she learned the Mickey Mouse Club March, “Part Of Your World”, and “Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow”; when we finally, finally went it was amazing.

It was so amazing that I knew we had to get back, just the two of us, because more than anyone else in the family this was OUR place. Since I had taken a camping trip solo a few years back I decided that she and I would be camping buddies. I planned a quick trip for Autumn 2012 and hoped to toss in Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party as a bonus.

Unfortunately, our funds slowly but steadily began to dry up, as they have for many people;

Recreating her original mouse ears pic at age 4 1/2

Recreating her original mouse ears pic at age 4 1/2

priorities are priorities, and the money I saved up had to go towards, you know, important real life things. Being a grownup sucks sometimes. πŸ˜‰ Deep down, I know I’ve been blessed to get to take both my children as well as take MYSELF to Disney World; I know even more that just having everything I have is blessing enough.

But I want to take my daughter camping at Disney, darn it! *footstamp* πŸ˜‰

Until things even out in terms of regular income (which they will; I sometimes have problems remembering that things won’t always be exactly as they are RIGHT NOW, but that’s a fact of life), I don’t have a lot of resources to get my daughter there. Unfortunately now since our walks tend to be “Which Park Is This At?” games, and we both make lists of the attractions we want to see in our spare time, we’re sort of feeding each other’s enthusiasm for getting back to WDW as soon as possible.

Dory, Marlin, and some glamourous model

Dory, Marlin, and some glamourous model. And an older girl I don’t know.

So this is the personal side of Why I Became A Disney Travel Agent. The business side – and it’s legit – is that I am never happier than when I am sitting there pricing out options and looking into the tiny details of a trip, no matter whose it is. Since I started this job I’ve done several quotes, some for real potential trips and some just for fun (because yes, I have a weird sense of “fun” and I’ve asked people to give me trip scenarios so I can tell them the costs), and I’ve honest-to-goodness enjoyed the heck out of it all the way through. But the personal reason is because I want to get my Mommy-Daughter camping trip in Disney World, where it’s just the two of us sharing our Happy Place. I want to get there before she stops wanting to go with me. I want to do it while she’s still young enough to tell me that she thinks that maybe some of the dinosaurs in “Dinosaur!” are not animatronics but real, and young enough to hug the characters with all her enthusiasm and love. I want this SO MUCH.



Now’s where I turn this into an ad. I will never, ever ask for financial donations to get me to Disney. You’ve got things you need to do with your own money and that’s cool.Β  But I will say, if you’re looking to plan a trip anyway, if you don’t already have a travel agent you love, if you aren’t a travel agent yourself (it happens!)… you can help me get my daughter there too and it’s at no extra cost to you. In fact if you book in March you’ll get money back, so to speak, because of my Start-Up Promo. But all you have to do is contact me to help with your trip. I don’t HAVE to do the price quotes (if you like them as much as I do, haha), or the ADRs, or the hands-on research to get the itinerary together. If you WANT me to, I’d love to do that, but it’s not a prerequisite. Instead I can be there to squeal over Disney stuff with, remind you that your trip is in X number of days, send you and your kids Disney freebies (honest, I have a stack I’m waiting to send to clients), and book you that trip at no cost to you. I also have info on the windows for all the promotions going on, the events, and whatever else.

One thing you can count on: I will get you the best trip for the best price; I don’t push for expensive stuff just to bump up my commission.Β  I’d rather you have a great trip and come back and tell your friends about me.Β  I look for discounts, I compare the best prices and the amenities, and if nothing else I can be enthusiastic about what you want to do (and believe me, I will! I live vicariously through other people’s trips, LOL!).

If you’d like to book with me please send me an email at rebeccak@fairytalejourneys.com, visit my website at Fairytale Journeys by Rebecca Kelly, or connect with me on Facebook or Twitter. All these are new but I would love, love, LOVE to have a community of friends, not just clients, to talk Disney about as much as we can.

Whatever happens, I know I’m going to take my daughter camping at Fort Wilderness, and I know we’re going to have an amazing time. And when we go I’ll post pictures and a trip report here. I just wish I knew when it would be so that I could count down!

Miss Adorable waits for the ferry from Magic Kingdom

Miss Adorable waits for the ferry from Magic Kingdom


4 thoughts on “I created a monster…

  1. This is so unbelievably adorable and heart-warming that I can hardly stand it. I hope you guys get to go on that trip! All my fingers are crossed ❀

    • One way or another we will go. I figured if I can get 8 bookings between now and the Fall we’ll be able to go in October. I’m going to have to work really hard, though. I may have 2-3, but the first has to go to pay off the startup costs. πŸ™‚ Even if I can’t go this year it’ll DEFINITELY happen!

  2. Beautiful post! It can be so hard sometimes, especially when things aren’t working out the way you hoped. I’m in a similar boat, and I know it will be quite a while before I can bring my daughter back to WDW. But you have the right attitude- you’re doing what you can to make it happen, and you’re recognizing that things will not always be like this. I have trouble with that part myself most of the time. Best wishes for some trip bookings!! If I hear of anyone in the market, I’ll send them your way.

    • It really can be tough, especially when it feels like everyone is going to Disney except us. πŸ˜‰ But I know that’s not true at all, plus I’m genuinely happy for everyone who IS going – how could I not be? πŸ˜€ Knowing that Disney’s still going to be there, and that really it’s pretty likely she’ll still want to go with me even in a few years, does make it easier. Good luck to you too, I appreciate the support no matter what, and I really think the blogging helps the time pass, don’t you?

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