Saturday Blog Showcase: Plus the Magic

First thought: I need a logo for this blog.  However, there is a chance that this blog might be undergoing some changes sometime in the near future so I guess I’ll hold off on that. Hm.  At this point I probably shouldn’t have said anything… Moving on!

All right. All my efforts at keeping up with blog updates here have come to naught because I just don’t have the time to read them all and report on what’s what. Clearly I am not going to be that kind of a blog. And that’s okay! I’m still trying to find my “voice” and purpose and things. Other than, you know, YAY DISNEY PARKS and all that stuff. 😉

But I definitely do want to show some love to fellow bloggers, and there are quite a lot worth celebrating! So on Saturdays I’m going to do Showcases – pick out one blog and talk about why I love it and why you ought to check it out. I’m not going to go in order of preference, or anything like that. It’s totally at random. I don’t really have an order of preference. ^^;

Today I’m going to start with a blog I discovered fairly recently and which I really like: KJ’s Plus the Magic. KJ has an engaging writing style and I find her posts and her perpsectives really relatable, which is a huge prerequisite for me on blogs. I always prefer opinions over straight news reporting (maybe you can tell from my own blog, haha) and KJ is big on reminiscing on her own experiences and viewpoints which I like. I feel there’s a lot of insight to that. Actually you’ll probably find that this is a theme in most of the blogs I’ll showcase. 😉

Here’s the blog mission statement:

When Walt Disney wanted to get his team to go further, reach higher, make something great even a little bit better- he’d tell them to “plus it”. Plussing it means giving more than what’s expected, taking things a step further, and then a step further beyond that. It means providing those unexpected extras that make Disney unlike anyplace else. What are some ways that Disney “plusses the magic”? And how can we plus the magic ourselves? Join in as we share these and other magical musings…

KJ’s a regular participant in Wordless Wednesdays, when Disney bloggers put up a photo that fits a particular theme.  I love hers, they are always interesting!  My favourite recent post has been one about planning, including a few resources KJ uses, and a little bit about packing.  Yeah, about packing.  Because … I love to pack for Disney World.  It’s like a Thing, you know?  A special Thing, thinking about what you’ll need, how you’ll use it, how you can maximize space… I, uh, I may be slightly OCD. 😛

Bottom line: Check out Plus the Magic today and tell KJ that Rebecca from Disney With Me sent you!  Or, you know, don’t tell her anything, but go read anyway!


One thought on “Saturday Blog Showcase: Plus the Magic

  1. I’m honored to get such a great shout out from you! It’s a great to know someone’s reading- and liking- the blog. One of the things I quickly discovered when I started blogging was the great support and friendliness from so many in the Disney blogging community. You are definitely a prime example of this! Thank you so much.

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