Limited Trolley Magic!

To kick off the first month of Spring – even though it actually doesn’t start officially until the end of March – Disney World has not just one but TWO Limited Time Magic events taking up …. pretty much all of March.  I’m not sure yet if this is going to mean that there won’t be other weekly events, or just that they will be added on top of the ones they’re announcing today.


In any case, the first – beginning today, March 1, and running through March 31 – is a kickoff for Disney’s new beauty products line, Beautifully Disney.

Mirror, mirror, something or other

Mirror, mirror, something or other… logo (c) Disney

I’m kind of on the fence about that logo, it’s very dramatic, but… aren’t we supposed to side AGAINST the Evil Queen?  What, it’s okay to emulate her if you’re into makeup because she’s really beautiful?  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great LOOK, but it kind of ignores how they’ve branded the whole Evil Stepmother Thing all these years.  I’m digressing, though.  The celebration of the makeup launch will include a special event tomorrow on either coast – it’s at Tren-D in Downtown Disney FL, and Vault28 in Downtown Disney California – where you can get a complimentary makeover.   I would want to look like Ariel, thank you!

Because she's gorgeous, is why.

Because she’s gorgeous, is why.

More enticing to me, beginning on Sunday March 3 Walt Disney World will be celebrating SPRING! with a Main Street Trolley show!

The citizens of Main Street, U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom park are bursting with excitement now that spring is in the air. Dressed to the nines in bright pastels and with a few new songs in their hearts, they arrive in town on a horse-drawn trolley adorned with colorful bouquets of flowers and ribbons. Put a little spring in your step and join in the celebration—another part of Limited Time Magic at Walt Disney World Resort.

Every time I’ve been on Main Street, the times when the performers come out and sing are always among my favourite moments.  I have to say because of that, I don’t consider this “Special” – it’s just an update to their show – but it’s nice, regardless, to know they still care. 🙂


Disneyland this week, in addition to being Beautifully Disney, is showcasing an Oz Exhibit in Downtown Disney:

Follow the yellow brick road to WonderGround Gallery in the Downtown Disney District for a limited-time event celebrating the release of the Walt Disney Studios fantastical adventure Oz The Great And Powerful. The gallery will showcase Oz-themed artwork—as well as costumes and props from the film, like Glinda’s gown and accessories.

I think it’s really interesting that the Oz promotions have been so thick over in CA, and much less so in FL.  It is because of the proximity to Hollywood?  You’d really expect that Hollywood Studios would be hyping that movie a bit more, but nope.  Too American, maybe?  WDW’s promotions seem to be trying for a wider, non-US-centric audience base.  Who knows?


2 thoughts on “Limited Trolley Magic!

  1. I don’t think the makeup is a case of rebranding. People love the Disney villains, including myself, sometimes more than the protagonists. They’re a lot of fun! Evil Queen is one of my favs, too. I’d much rather wear her lipstick than Snow White’s! Haha.
    I also agree that putting pastel colors into the regular trolley show doesn’t really make it that special…

    • Yeah, I see what you mean – I’d definitely go for the Evil Queen’s makeup over Snow White’s, as sweet as Snow might be. 😉 She does have the more dramatic look when it comes to fashion. It still just sort of… I don’t know, seems like a mixed message somehow. “Vanity is bad! Except when it’s good! Wear this makeup!” 😉 But I do tend to read into things, lol. And I’d have to agree that the villains tend to be more awesome than the heroes, especially in earlier Disney films.

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