Hidden Kitties: the Feral Cats of Disneyland

So. You’re a top entertainment destination spot and one of the symbols of what is unquestionably among the main giants of the corporate/media world. (Yes, you’re a thing, not a person. Bear with me here.)

And you’re infested with feral cats.

Not this kind.  Probably.

Not this kind. Probably.

What do you do?

If you’re Disneyland, as all entertainment destinations/symbols of corporate/media giants aspire to be, you seize the opportunity and turn this around into a good thing.

In short, ever heard that urban legend that Disneyland is crawling with unseen, feral cats that come out after dark? Totally true. There are over 200 of them, rarely seen by guests as they avoid people. Disney has set up five feeding stations, well away from cast members and guests, and the cats spend most of the day at these locations; at night they’re released into the parks where they do their hunting.

Also, the nightly concerts.

Also, the nightly concerts.  These are hard-ticket events only.

What’s really interesting about it is that Disney on the whole cares for these animals.  They do not domesticate them and even avoid much human contact with them to avoid them becoming used to humans – but they do TNR, or trap-neuter-release, and they provide shots and even have adoption programs for the kittens.  In fact, they’re lauded for this.  These cats are better cared for than some humans.  Of course keeping them responsibly benefits Disney – it keeps the cat population from dangerously outnumbering the pests they’re being kept to control, keeps down the threat of disease, and gets a little free labour into the picture too.

I mean it’s not as if they went out and adopted these cats; they’d have to do something about them anyway, and being Disney I’m sure they weighed their options pretty soundly and picked the one that had the best cost-to-benefit ratio.  That it’s a humane and responsible option is a PR benefit. 😉

There’s no word on what these cats do on nights when the park stays open super-late or has a themed party.  Of course I’m sure they’d blend right in.

There’s a pretty neat collection of images of the hard-to-find Hidden Kitties of Disneyland out there.  Random cats, just walking along a landscaped area or nestled in a train track.  I wouldn’t go looking for them though – “feral” is a pretty scary word and feral cats live up to it.

I must say, I think my favourite part of this whole story is the part where they found 100 feral cats (and their fleas) living in the unused portion of Sleeping Beauty Castle.  That reminds me of something out of a horror movie.  “Just – need to – move this board aside – almost… there!  G-Good LORD!  Look at them all!” *HISSSSS!*

Oh, who am I kidding, it was Disney.  It was probably more like “Wow, it sure is spooky in this basement!  Wh-what was that noise?!”  And they shine the light in and it’s:

And then they all go "AWWWW!"

And then they all go “AWWWW!”

Thanks to Mickey Mutineers for the topic suggestion.  This is my 50th post, y’all! 😀  I don’t know about you, but I love to celebrate meaningless milestones!


3 thoughts on “Hidden Kitties: the Feral Cats of Disneyland

    • Thank you! I’d heard about the feral cats way back before it was confirmed and the info on it was really interesting once I looked it up! I thank you for the topic idea, sir. 😀

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