Downtown Disney Hotels Magic Memories Contest

Downtown Disney and Instagram: two great tastes that taste great together! Or, well, I suppose. I’m not on Instagram (yet) but boy is it popular.

Anyway: thank you, Downtown Disney Hotels, for alerting me to this contest via email two days before it ends. How nice of you. How useful!

Wait, shouldn't that guy's finger be blocking out his wife and kid's heads?

Wait, shouldn’t that guy’s finger be blocking out his wife and kid’s heads?

Here is a Facebook post/photo which will give you more specific detail, but to sum up, in the next two days you can upload your favourite vacation photos on Instagram with the hashtag #MagicMemoriesContest, and try to get your photo into the top 20% of the entries! You still have time to pay a LOT of people to vote up your photo so go for it!

What do you get? According to the email I got TODAY (9_9), you win a free 5-day/4-night vacation at WDW Resort with park tickets, Disney Quest tickets, and breakfasts inclusive. That’s it, I’m going out looking for sweepstakes and contests from now on, since obviously Disney doesn’t WANT me to know about them until it’s too late for me to do anything. …Not that I’d have entered this one anyway, but still. I’d have shared it here!


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