Limited Time Magic: Dapper Boys?

Well, I spent some time hunting around last night to find out the next Limited Time Magic event that will be starting this Monday, 2/25.  And… it was hard to find advance word!  All I got were rumours, which meant it was being played pretty close to the chest, which meant essentially that it’s not meant to drive attendance to the parks so it’s going to be pretty small.  This morning the rumours were confirmed, and here is what we’ve got:

The Dapper Dans tip their hats to a new kind of music that they discovered while “strolling through the park one day.” Watch for this winsome quartet and their all-new medley that will have “Everybody” seeing “What Makes You Beautiful.” But they won’t be saying “Bye Bye Bye” to barbershop completely—after all, the Dapper Dans are the “Original Boy Band.” Part of Limited Time Magic, this musical time warp is a can’t-miss experience at Magic Kingdom park in Florida.

The Dapper Dans at Disneyland. Hey, that rhymes!  I did not take this photo and I don't own the rights.

The Dapper Dans at Disneyland. Hey, that rhymes! I did not take this photo and I don’t own the rights.

So beginning on Monday and running through Sunday, March 3, get set for some videos of the Dapper Dans (who, by the way, are one of the unsung gems – you see what I did there – of Main Street USA) barbershopping their way through … Boy Band music.  So there will be some expert harmony on stuff like that.  Kind of a waste. 😉  This, by the way, is concurrent at both WDW and DL.

What do you think?  Is this a fun Limited Time Magic or just filler? I think it’s a little bit weak – easily missed and well, frankly, although I wouldn’t walk away from it if I saw it, it’s not so “magical” that I’d feel bad if I didn’t catch it.  I will say one thing though, and I am completely serious about this: Barbershop is HOT.


4 thoughts on “Limited Time Magic: Dapper Boys?

  1. I’m really happy this is temporary. And it’s not that I’m a purist that thinks they shouldn’t even touch those songs, it’s just that I think those songs are crap 🙂

  2. You know – yeah. Because I really… I get the “joke” and all but this is all they could think of? Pffff, they should do the Barbershop songs from “The Simpsons” instead. I’ve always wanted to request that they sing “Baby On Board”.

    • I know what you mean, and the funny thing is, if they WEREN’T doing Limited Time Magic it wouldn’t even matter! But then you’ve got the hype of “What’ll it be when I’m there???” and it’s… this. Feh. The one thing I’ll say is, the Dapper Dans are *excellent* performers and I’m sure this will be entertaining. But it’s still not that great. 😛

      Thanks for commenting!

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