Disney Dreams: Stuff I’d Like to do, Cruise Edition

I will be here someday, looking at this in person. Oh yes I will.  (I did not take this picture.)

I will be here someday, looking at this in person. Oh yes I will. (I did not take this picture.)

A few years ago when my daughter was 2, just before my husband and I started trying to have our second child, there was a really amazing deal on Disney Cruises.  Since we’d only be paying for ourselves (due to our daughter being 2, as mentioned), we seriously considered it, but there ended up being too many unresolved issues.  Mainly, like, how would we pay to get down to FL from MD?  How would we do it, fly or drive?  Since our daughter wasn’t completely potty-trained she couldn’t go into most of the pools and couldn’t be left in the kid clubs.  Would she be upset by this?

In the end we decided to save our money for a bigger, longer trip to WDW, and go to the beach for a few days.  And we had fun.  Even though there was no Mickey there.

The thing is, though, that in the four and a half years since that time I have wondered over and over, what if we had gone?  I’ve never been on a cruise of any kind, and I’ve never been to the Bahamas.  Should we have thrown caution to the wind, only lived once, and taken that opportunity when we had it?

So instead I’ve made myself a promise, that if ever we do have the money available and that opportunity comes back, we are TAKING it.  Both kids are old enough, and yes we’d have to pay for both but if we HAVE the money then that’s not a problem.

And now, the opportunities are so much more amazing.  Four and a half years ago there were only two ships, not four: no Disney Dream or Disney Wonder.  No Aquaduck.  No European cruises and Greek Isles.   No magic portholes.  If I can only go once (and Lord willing, I will go more than once, but I did say IF), I’d rather it be now than a few years ago just so I can get to do these new things.

The problem with the whole “once in a lifetime” idea is that I have a few too many things I’m intent on doing.  I want to go to Castaway Cay AND the Meditarranean AND Italy.  I want to see castles AND beaches.  And as many doggone characters as I can!  And I want a room with a verandah, so that every morning I can step out and feel the wind in my hair and just sigh.  Just one big, happy sigh before I head on out for breakfast on my perfect boat.


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