Limited Time Magic, February 18-24, 2013

Limited Time Magic Logo is (c) Disney Co. not by me.

Limited Time Magic Logo is (c) Disney Co. not by me.

Hello from the Internet!  Remember when people used to say things like “surfing the Web” or “cyberspace”?  Nobody calls the internet “the World Wide Web” anymore.  I for one am glad.

I digress!  Today marks the start of the next Limited Time Magic offerings at Walt Disney World Resort, and I am happy to report them for you here!  With a lot of emphasis on True Love Week, I have not seen as many announcements as its rather lowkey followup, which is an extended Presidents’ Day celebration.  From today, February 18, until Sunday the 24th, Voices of Liberty in Epcot will be performing a special Presidential show.  Per the LTM website:

Voices of Liberty, the a cappella group, is honoring Presidents Day for a limited time with musical performances at the America Gardens Theatre at Epcot. In this special presidential show—a Limited Time Magic experience—the Voices of Liberty will bring to life some inspirational moments from our nation’s history with impeccable 8-part harmonies accompanied by memorable quotes from American Presidents like Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. It’s an a cappella hail to the chiefs of our country!

As a side note, I’m glad Voices of Liberty are a permanent fixture at Epcot (and Disneyland as well); I was a big fan of Five For a Dollar, the a cappella group who used to perform the preshow at the “Beauty and the Beast Live On Stage” show at Hollywood Studios, and I’m sad they’re gone.  Anyhow!  If you’ve got a WDW trip coming up or just happen to live in the area, check out VoL’s tribute to American Presidents!  Then trek over to the Magic Kingdom and enjoy a showing of the Hall of Presidents, not because of any special events but just because.  It’s Presidents’ Day, y’all!

Over at Disneyland, because I do love Disneyland too even if I don’t show it as much, you get not just one but two LTM events to enjoy right now.  First, the Presidents’ Day celebration is shared on the other coast: the West Coast edition of Voices of Liberty will be giving special performances in the Main Street Opera House (did you know there was one? because I didn’t; shame on me) in Disneyland Park.  Unlike the WDW version, these performances will be on February 18 and 19th, then from the 22nd to the 24th.

To sweeten the pot over at Disneyland, you get an amazing opportunity to preview “Oz, the Great and Powerful” in 4D!  From now until March 31, the MuppetVision 3D theatre is being used to show an 8-minute preview of “Oz”, with special 4D effects built into the theatre.  (Just a note: that page I linked to says it is an Annual Passholder LTM, but that was only for 2/15.  On 2/16 the preview opened to the general public.)

Oz the Great and Powerful, do not confuse it with "Return To Oz"

Oz the Great and Powerful, do not confuse it with “Return To Oz”

Lucky Californians! I have to say, most Disney live action movies are… ahem *tactful, tactful* not my style, but most Sam Raimi movies usually are my style.  Plus I know for a fact this one has Ted Raimi in it, and I’m a Ted-spotter, so obviously I’ll have to see this. 😉  No, but in all seriousness, this does look gorgeous… and I have to say, the ad campaign has been really creative and ingenious.  Which Disney’s ad campaigns often are, must confess.  But this “preview it in the park” idea is probably the best one.

(Or maybe the Epcot Land of Oz-themed play area in their Flower & Garden Festival is the best one.  I’m genuinely torn.)


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