V24 Radio: Themed Disney Parks Music

So what do I use this blog for, exactly, you may wonder?  Given that it’s all over the place really?


Well, I use it to talk about things I like to talk about, share things I think are worth sharing, and above all to fansquee about Disney World.


In that vein, this topic fits into all those categories!  You could also put it into another category, which is “free advertising”, but I don’t intend it for that… I just like to talk about stuff I like. 🙂  And one thing I’ve discovered lately that I like a lot is V24 Radio.  I listen to a lot of streaming Disney Park channels on Live365.com.  A LOT.  I’m not going to say I’m an expert, because by this point I’ve picked out a few presets that I stick with and there are probably some new ones I have never heard of, but I’ll take a moment to namedrop a few: I love MouseWorld Radio, Sorceror Radio, Mouse House Radio, and Radio Buena Vista among others.


V24 Radio is a new station with the slogan “Where your vacation continues”, because yes – the V stands for Vacation – and they cover a lot of park music, resort music, some Universal music, and so on.  Then they also have some live shows that are hosted by several different DJs with music in between spoken Disney news updates. They take requests sometimes on Twitter.  But what I really like most is that they have themed shows, like today’s Valentines show playing at 11 am, 4pm, and 8pm, or the ride-throughs of various attractions on Fridays.  (Tomorrow is the Haunted Mansion. GUESS WHO IS A BIG HM FREAK that’s right it’s me.)


So, just putting this link out here with a big “thumbs-up” from me!  Anything worth liking is worth sharing, Disney fans!  Check them out!  (I’d love to put a graphic in here but… I don’t have permission from V24Radio and don’t want to step on toes.)


4 thoughts on “V24 Radio: Themed Disney Parks Music

  1. Thank you so very much for the review and also for taking time to give us a listen. We do what we do for you, the listener. Also, from one HM fan to another, enjoy tomorrow’s live ride thru of our beloved Mansion and the few tidbits I threw in.
    Matthew Tice

    • Just belatedly thanking you for the comment and for the attention you sent my way with your gratitude! You guys are great, not just for the music you play but for your level of interaction with listeners. Love it.

  2. Hey this is Jeff over at V24Radio (@WDW_Weather) – thanks so much for taking the time to not only listen but to write this review. It is always nice to hear someone have something nice to say especially when there are so many moving parts involved. Great to know at least someone is enjoying it :-)! Take care!

    • Hi Jeff, somewhat late answer, but I wanted to be sure to thank you for your comment and other attention sent my way. The station is great and you guys should all be proud of the work you’re doing! It’s awesome!

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