FTJ by RK – Start-up Special!

Helloooo everyone!  As I have just launched my Travel Agent website, I am also running a start-up promotion special!

The first five people who book a vacation through me will get a special thank-you gift worth at least $25!  You will get your choice of either a Disney Gift Card, a Visa Gift Card, or something from several options of merchandise! (I’ll pay for the shipping costs!)  The exact value of the gift will depend on the cost of your trip, so the more you’re spending the more you’ll save/get back/however you want to look at it.

These gifts are NOT provided by Disney and this is not a Disney-run promotion, it’s just me saying “thanks for booking with me!”  The gift will be sent after travel is completed, in case of cancellations and other unexpected problems – however, if you want to apply the value of your gift to your payment on your trip, we can do that!

All first-time client bookings also get an extra touch of Disney Magic – I think the planning of the vacation should be as fun and magical as the vacation itself!

Please visit my travel site, Fairytale Journeys By Rebecca Kelly, for more information or to contact me!  You can also Like my business page on Facebook, where I will keep up to date with Disney promotions, news, and other fun things!  You can share trip photos and reports there too if you want!

Please enjoy this frozen banana while you peruse my site!

Please enjoy this frozen banana while you peruse my site!


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