Limited Time Magic, February 10-17 2013

Hello Disney Lovers! This is the appropriate way to address everyone because the upcoming theme for Limited Time Magic is “True Love Week”!

This image is (c) Disney and not by me.

This image is (c) Disney and not by me.

From Monday, February 11 until Sunday the 17th, the Magic Kingdom is celebrating Valentines Day with as much romance as it can pack into the park.  Visitors will get the chance to meet Princes along with their Princesses at special character greetings, get a few romantic photo opportunities in New Fantasyland and the Rose Garden, and enjoy beautiful decorations all over the park.  At dusk, Cinderella’s Castle will blush with pink, red, and lavender lighting.

There are also opportunities to buy romantic gifts such as long-stemmed roses and chocolate-covered strawberries (hint to guys: buy these for your ladies and you will be rewarded), valentine-themed merchandise, and intimate dinners-for-two at select restaurants (including Artist’s Point and the Hollywood Brown Derby)!

One of the most impressive opportunities by far is the announcement of a multi-couple vow renewal on Thursday, February 14.  This event was just announced and is already full!  On the steps of Cinderella Castle, the couples will get to renew their commitments of love with help from Disney Wedding Planners.  Given the popularity of engagements, weddings, and honeymoons at Disney World I’m not at all surprised this is already full.

Similar offerings will be available at Disneyland for this week.

What do you think?  I think this is the best Limited Time Magic event so far this year!  What a great reason to go to WDW for Valentines Day, whether you’re re-confirming your commitments or not. 🙂  Although their promises of meeting “Disney Sweethearts” just reminds me that they probably will NOT give us the chance to meet Lady and the Tramp… I don’t know, does anyone else just feel like they epitomize Disney Sweethearts, or is that just me?



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