Disney Dreams: The Contemporary Resort

Alrighty, so I won’t beat around the bush, I’ll just put this out here: I want to stay at the Contemporary Resort at Disney World.

The view of the Contemporary from the Ft. Wilderness ferry, circa 2008... probably hasn't changed that much right?

The view of the Contemporary from the Ft. Wilderness ferry, circa 2008… probably hasn’t changed that much right?  Aside from the… construction… heh.


There are two obstacles in my way: one, it’s a deluxe resort, which is currently outside of my budget since we’re currently a single-income family; and two, my husband is not as enthusiastic about this hotel as I am.


In 2008, I stayed at a campsite at Fort Wilderness and on the morning I went to the Magic Kingdom, I decided to take the ferry to the Contemporary and then grab the monorail to MK instead of just ferrying straight to MK.  Something about the interior of the Contemporary just won me over right away.  I don’t know why because in addition to reminding me of a luxury hotel it also reminds me of an airport.  But I have always loved airports, and when I was 13 or 14 I remember walking through an airport with my sister and telling her I’d like to get to live in one for a while (I was prone to saying things like that in my teens… and, okay, now too), so apparently the association is still a pleasant one.


The deciding factor for me was probably the monorail going THROUGH it… But it might also have been this view:

I don't know, I mean, is it me?  Or does it remind you of an airport?

I don’t know, I mean, is it me? Or does it remind you of an airport?  I mean in a GOOD way.


Yeah, something about being able to see Chef Mickey’s and all the partying going on and things from the monorail waiting area… just charmed me.  So I was like “We are EATING at that RESTAURANT next time!” and also “I WANT TO STAY HERE.”  But when I brought my husband a few years later he was not as charmed.  Hm.  So I promised him we’d do either the Polynesian, which I also liked, or else Animal Kingdom Lodge, which I LOVE, instead.  So the eventual Deluxe Resorts we stay at will be one of those.




I still hope/pray/plan on staying in the Contemporary at some point, though.  Not just for monorail proximity but so much more: California Grill, the Wave, the afore-mentioned Chef Mickey’s; multiple gift shops; the view of “Wishes” at night; the two pools; and those ROOMS.  And a hundred million other reasons, too.  There’s a real classic aspect to the Contemporary, even in how non-contemporary it is on the outside (but the inside, boy! it’s terrific).  I really do want to do the Animal Kingdom Lodge, and that’s another post, but someday, SOMEday, the dream is for the Contemporary.


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