New Sweepstakes at the Disney Store!

Artwork/logo (c) Disney, and not by me

  Artwork/logo (c) Disney, and not by me

The Disney Store is running a sweepstakes from now until March 3, 2013, to win a trip to Disney World and experience New Fantasyland! This prize includes not only 5-day/4-night accomodations and tickets but also a one-night stay in the Suite in Cinderella Castle – ooh-la-la – I still dream of actually living there full-time. 😉

You can find out more about New Fantasyland here, though really, it’s only the tip of the iceberg; they don’t go into the Be Our Guest restaurant, which I have to say looks amazing. And I don’t usually say that about restaurants. 😀

Anyway, this sweepstakes is running for the next month, and unlike most of Disney’s sweepstakes you can only enter once, not once per day. However, one neat thing is that you can enter in the Disney Store, too! Almost makes me wish I’d saved my entry and used it as an excuse to go back to the Disney Store, but there’s only one near me and it’s 30-minutes’ drive away, and I was JUST there last week. Phooey, I say!


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