Why I Decided To Become a Disney Travel Agent

Disclaimer: I do not work for the Walt Disney Company nor am I affiliated with them at all. I’m an independant contractor for Fairytale Journeys, LLC, and we specialize in Disney vacations. Everything in this blog is my own opinion and doesn’t represent FTJ or the Disney Company at all. Just making that clear!

Well! So tonight I finished up the training to book Disney Vacations – I’ve been doing it in the evenings for the past week or so, and for the most part it’s been surprisingly fun – and I feel really ridiculously pleased with myself. I have a pile of certificates to print out, and then a website to work on.

I guess that’s going to be the hard part: getting the website to look the way I want it. I’m picky about the image I present: I want something that is professional, but not so professional as to be stuffy or impersonal – but obviously I don’t want to be so personal as to look unprofessional.

So, all of this raises the question now of why I decided, a month or so ago, to become a travel agent specializing in Disney vacations. First of all, I have a full-time job, and second of all, I don’t even get to go to Disney World as often as I’d like (as you have probably seen me moaning and groaning about in this blog if not other places, depending on how well you know me).

Well, the reason is just because I love Disney World. I love planning trips to Disney World. Over the past five years I’ve been twice but planned at least five or six trips, including the one I was going to take last Fall but plans fell through (it’s on indefinite hold and might happen this year instead!). I love doing the research, the reserving, the number crunching, all of it. I’ve worked with a travel agent before, on my last trip, and she was a blast – a complete sweetheart, so helpful, and she left a lot of the planning up to me because obviously that was what I wanted. But she was prepared to step in and do it all.

And it occurred to me that I’d actually find that FUN. I like planning all kinds of trips, but Disney is something where I really know my stuff, my details, and I know where to look to find more details. If ever I had a moonlighting job that was right for me, I knew right away that this was it.

I have a few friends who are planning on doing Disney in the next year or two, and I know they’ll come to me. So far though I’ve only done some preliminary checking out and nothing solid. So I hope, I really really hope that I’ll get a chance to help plan – doing as little or as much as my clients want me to – and help to make the vacations live up to the dreams, they way mine always do.

I’m not going to turn this into an advertisement because I’m sure no one here wants to hear that right now (though some of this blog real estate will go to that purpose once my website is up and running); this is more just about how excited I am, and proud of myself for doing something I’ve never done before. I hope I get a chance to prove myself!

In the meantime, this is me, Rebecca Kelly; affiliated with Fairytale Journeys and hoping to get to work with you. 🙂

I was torn between "Professional!" and "Fun!" and I decided this one was more Me. I really am professional though.  It's just that no one can resist that hat.

I was torn between “Professional!” and “Fun!” and I decided this one was more Me. I really am professional though. It’s just that no one can resist that hat.


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