Spectromagic Vs. Main Street Electrical Parade

Way back, many years ago, I was pretty indifferent to parades. In fact I had a bad experience at one once, through no fault of the parade people, that left me more prone to avoid them than not. I’ll admit, I still am more likely to go off in search of rides rather than stake out a place for a daytime parade, though if I happen by while one is going on I’ll stay and watch it now.

In 2008, I had a trip just by myself and a good friend, and she got us amazing curbside seats for Spectromagic at Disney World. Up until then I had a big Meh to Spectromagic, but that parade was FUN. Being so close up (the last time I’d tried the parade close up I was pregnant and the crowds were so bad I got claustrophobia and a guy got mad at me; there, I said it, that’s my bad experience) and NOT crowded like sardines, due to waiting for the second parade, made a huge difference. I had princesses waving at me and there was dancing and I could see everyone and hear everything, and even though I was turning 30 in a few days, I felt about 8 years old. It was wonderful.

WDW2008 105

Fauna is pointing at her hat because she’s looking at me and I am wearing a Princess crown. She’s telling me I’M A PRINCESS. *bawls*

When I heard, in late 2010, that the Magic Kingdom was bringing back the Main Street Electrical Parade, I was *really* excited. I’d be taking my kids for their first visit in early 2011 and I remembered seeing the MSEP when I first went in 1995. I also love the theme to that parade.  So this was a big “COOL!” kind of moment… until I thought about how much I had come to love Spectromagic.


Well, I eventually told myself, they’re basically the same exact parade anyway.  A lot of lights and music and characters.  And when I got there, I’ll admit it, Main Street Electrical was a lot of fun.  I especially love the Pete’s Dragon float with Pete riding by on top of Elliott, talking to everyone.  It’s a great experience and really fun and the kids loved it – oh man did they ever – but…


But it doesn’t have the sweeping majesty of Spectromagic.  And weirdly, I kind of missed that.  I’ve been seeing more and more people lately asking MK to bring back Spectromagic and I think that’s funny, because for years it was “bring back MSEP”… so I guess it’s just that you will always love your “first” parade, even though technically Spectro was not my first.  It was my first that I really truly loved, though.

Please forgive my lousy night photography.

Please forgive my lousy night photography.

All my photos are of Spectro.  Deal with it.

All my photos are of Spectro. I think you’ll survive.

So what do you think?  Do you love Spectro or MSEP more – or do you think they’re basically the same parade and you like them both equally?  I was surprised to have a preference, myself!


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