Please vote! How often should I update?

Hello everyone!  I’ve had this blog for a little over a week now, and I’ve been trying to update it every day.  But I’d like some feedback about that.  Is every day too much?  I want to have plenty of content for people and stay active.  What would you most like to see?
Please vote!  I want feedback from readers, potential readers, and everyone!  After all what good is a blog if no one wants to read it?



2 thoughts on “Please vote! How often should I update?

  1. I think it’s important to update when you have something to say, but not overwhelm *yourself*! I tried blogging every day for a while and sometimes I found that I just had nothing to say and was kind of just writing crap for the sake of posting something. But you also want to make sure you update consistently so that people have a reason to come back. I think you’ll probably settle into a rhythm that works for you.

  2. Thanks Emilie! Right now I can think of plenty to say, most of it short (which I think is good for this format), but again I don’t want to overwhelm everyone. I was thinking if I updated daily, I could do a week or so’s worth of posts one day a week and schedule them to come out at particular times. I guess on Twitter I’m less likely to overwhelm anyone, it’s more likely to come out that way on Facebook. 😉

    Well, I’ll see! So far it’s been nearly daily even when I haven’t been trying. If I see something newsworthy I usually try to write about it. So maybe I’ll do scheduled posts every other day, and fill in with spur-of-the-moment stuff in between? That sounds good…

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