Disney Dreams: Characters in Flight

I think every real Disney fan has things they’ve yet to do – and may never get to do – at Disney.  A behind-the-scenes tour, a restaurant, a resort, or what have you.

I, unfortunately, don’t get to Disney as often as I’d like (a piddling five times in my whole life!  Four of them in the past 9 years) and so my list… well, it’s pretty long by now.  I’ve done a lot IN the parks but there are things surrounding, or even far away from the parks that are pretty amazing and I either haven’t had a chance, haven’t had the cash, or some other reason just haven’t done ’em yet.

So every so often I thought I’d talk about one or two of these things I want to do, but haven’t.  Yet.  There is ALWAYS another chance!

Starting simple, today I’m looking at you, Characters in Flight!  Heard of this?  It’s a hot-air balloon ride in the Downtown Disney Area.

The original one was covered with silhouettes of Disney characters (hence the name) who can fly (also hence the name): Peter Pan, Wendy, Mary Poppins, Aladdin on the Magic Carpet.  In October this year they introduced a new balloon, all stripey and pretty!

Here is my best picture of the original balloon, which is blurry and at night and regardless still really cool

Here is my best picture of the original balloon, which is blurry and at night and regardless still pretty cool


When we reached the Walt Disney World Resort a couple of years ago on our last vacation there, my daughter could see the balloon from the car as we were driving to our hotel and she was transfixed.  The price is actually really reasonable too – current ticket prices are $18 for adults and $12 for kids.

So why didn’t we do it?  Is it because I’m afraid of heights?  Some deep dark secret? Nope, we just didn’t have time to fit it in.  We had one day we spent outside of the parks, and we did go to Downtown Disney, but we spent our time browsing the stores and having dinner, you know, as you do.  So we just didn’t get up in there.

I hope I can do this someday, and hopefully with my daughter.  She was just BEGGING us but it never materialized… too many other things planned already.  As they are. 😉


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