A 5-year-old photographer

So a good question is, how do you entertain a young girl who is at Disney World for the first time and is disappointed to discover that she had to – horrors – wait in line before getting on rides??

I thought I was prepared for that but when we were there, just before my daughter’s 5th birthday, it turned out my plans at distraction didn’t work.  So my back-up plan, which I’ll confess was devised on the spot, was put into play: Want to take some pictures?  Here’s the camera!

And here’s what we got, on our first day at – once again – Hollywood Studios.

Great Movie Ride Ceiling Family Pictures 1272 Family Pictures 1273 Family Pictures 1276 Family Pictures 1279 Family Pictures 1289

Most of these are in the queue for the Great Movie Ride, since we did that early and she was stressed from having waited to get into the park, then to get into the Voyage of the Little Mermaid, then to wait some more… So when we got into the line she needed something to distract her.  I love these pictures, because I had never actually thought to look at the ceiling in that queue!  Learn new stuff every day!


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