Yeah, That’ll Always Be The Dream…

A few years ago I started running.  I did it to lose weight, and then to get fit, and then I stuck with it because I loved running.  I got up to running 30 minutes straight, about 3 miles, and ran a few 5Ks.  So I said to myself that I was going to train and I would run the WDW Half Marathon!  That was what I was going to do for my 35th birthday.  Unfortunately, then I became pregnant with my second child and I let myself fall off the running wagon, and I have yet to really get back on.  I’ll be 35 in May and well, clearly I did not run that Half Marathon this year and at this point it’s unlikely I’d be ready to run the Half in 2014, either.

But it’s still the big dream.  I love the thought of running a race not just near but through Disney World.  Not only for having the characters standing around cheering for you but just the running through the empty parks. Wow! Just the thought gives me chills!  We’ll see.  I mean there’s more than just the training, there’s the cost; there’s the whole part where I’d really like to have someone there to experience it with me, meaning more cost; there’s the… training… I feel faint…

I still love the Disney runs, though.  Well, and clearly that’s why I follow RunDisney on Facebook (!/RunDisney) and Twitter (  Right now I’m sort of nursing this thought that I might even manage to do this at some point.  The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-miler.  A night run. In October.  I’ve heard it’s spooky as heck. 😀  Seeing as I’m kind of a nutjob for Halloween in general, this is perhaps equally as appealing as the Half Marathon, though in a different way…

This is as unspooky as the building could possibly look, back in February 2011... Best of my pics I could find. :P

This is as unspooky as the building could possibly look, back in February 2011… Best of my pics I could find. 😛

I just wonder if I’ll ever really get to do either one.  Has anyone out there run any Disney races?  Have you run the ToT race in any of its incarnations?  Any thoughts or anecdotes to share, leave them in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Yeah, That’ll Always Be The Dream…

  1. I want to run the Disney Princess Half-marathon in 2018, the year I turn 40. Currently, I am not training…or even running for that matter. However, running is too addictive and beneficial to just quit. I am making this long term goal because I want to be fabulous and healthy at 40.

    I have a friend, Katie H., who ran the DP Half a few years ago. She loved it and plans to run it again in 2017 (I think).

    In terms of the TOT, I never even looked into it. But, it does sound cool because it is a shorter run and once you finish, you would have more time to enjoy the park decorated for HALLOWEEN!

    That’s one of my concerns with the DP Half. The race would take me so long to finish, and I would so spent after, that I would not enjoy the park. This is why my plan for 2018 includes several days (a week if we can).

    The TOT would also be really cool to run with my son when he is a teenager. I would love to pass on my love of running to him.

  2. I would love to do one of these races with you! I think the ToT one would be especially fun. I feel like almost all my running friends have started doing Disney races, and they have so many now that it seems like you could really choose what fits your budget and schedule best.

    As long as I have the money, I’m in anytime. And you know I’ll train you for free 🙂

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