My First Park

Actually, technically speaking, my very first park was Disneyland, in 1991.  It’s the only time I’ve been… siiiiigh.

But what I really mean by “first park” is the park that it has become my tradition to start my vacations with at WDW, and that is Hollywood Studios!

If I'd known 2 years ago I'd be blogging about the parks I'd have taken better pictures

If I’d known 2 years ago I’d be blogging about the parks I’d have taken better pictures

This started on our second vacation, in 2005.  We got to our resort in the morning, and figured that Hollywood (then MGM) would be a good first resort since it wouldn’t take the whole day to see most of it.

The next time I went, in 2008, it was for my birthday and I went by myself. This trip is a whole story in itself, but suffice it to say, I again picked HS as my first park and for the same reason: got there mid-morning, easiest park to come into late and still get a good day out of it.

This had one unexpected and neat effect: I got there, all by myself, and I thought I can’t believe I’m here!  I can’t believe I made it!  Standing in the entrance area and staring at the park just brought it home to me; I felt like I’d accomplished something really major and significant.

The imposing figure of the Hollywood Tower Hotel looms through the fog

The imposing figure of the Hollywood Tower Hotel looms through the fog

So, it’s my tradition.  And every time I walk into that park I get all chilly; it just reminds me of what I love about WDW.  I love the crowd-watching and the Streetmosphere actors, though I’ve never paid them nearly as much attention as I should.  HS has some of my favourite restaurants, and although not all the rides are my favourites, the general look and feel of that park just brings me such great joy.

Do you have a traditional “first park”?  Or anything else you usually do on your arrival day?  Love to hear about it! 🙂


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